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We would like to thank Curtin University for funding the workshop that has made this book possible. We are especially grateful to Chris Moran, deputy vice-chancellor (research), who took a chance on this novel methodology.

The organizers—Cameron Neylon, Lucy Montgomery, and John Hartley—are eternally grateful to the workshop participants who willingly submitted to twelve-hour days of writing, and brought ideas, energy, and patience to the process. We are also grateful to Emma de Francisco, who provided an extraordinary level of professional and organizational support, without which the workshop—and this book—could not have happened.

We thank Faith Bosworth and Book Sprints ( for skilled facilitation, and the courage and diplomacy to wrangle a diverse and opinionated group of scholars into collective productivity. The Book Sprints remote team for the initial publication included Raewyn Whyte (editor), Henrik van Leeuwen (illustrator), Julien Taquet (book production), and Juan Gutierrez (information technology support).

We enjoyed outstanding hospitality at the Moondyne Convention Centre. The excitement that accompanied the release of each day’s menu was only matched by the daily encounters with big mobs of kangaroos. Thanks to Chris and Peter Nott.

Finally, the process of converting the output of the Book Sprints into a formally published, open-access scholarly book has been made possible by the vision, commitment, and flexibility of the MIT Press. Our thanks go to Amy Brand, Susan Buckley, and the MIT Press team. They shepherded our manuscript through both an open community peer review process and more traditional closed scholarly review process, and helped to secure the funding needed to make this book available for free under a CC BY license. Our extraordinary privilege in working with this amazing publisher is a reminder of the value of connecting institutions as enablers of open communication.


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